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President's Scholarship

Get a maximum of $2,500 per calendar year!
The Presidents Scholarship gives you cash to build your skill set and take your career to the next level. Your powerful association membership let’s you receive a grant of up to $2500 per calendar year for educational classes and seminars (a lifetime maximum of $7,000 will be granted to any one applicant)! Qualified applicants have used their scholarship funds to study at top-notch programs close to home and abroad. The Presidents Scholarship awards $25,000 annually to members.

Applications must be received for consideration by

December 1. No exceptions.

2012 NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship - Applications now available!

Ten $1,000 scholarships will be awarded in the following categories:

· Five scholarships to high school graduates, under the age of 26, desiring to enter the cosmetology profession.

· Three scholarships to current NCA members for continuing education in the field of cosmetology.

· Two scholarships to the children or grandchildren of current NCA members for their use in pursuing advanced education at the college level.

To download an application for the 2012 NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship, click on the appropriate link below:

· High School Graduate

· Current NCA Member

· Child/Grandchild of NCA Member

Applications deadline is November 12, 2011. Ten scholarship recipients will be chosen and notified by mail. All scholarships are funded by Sally Beauty Supply and administered by the National Cosmetology Association. Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President of the National Cosmetology Association. All scholarship awards are final.

AHBAI Scholarships

AHBAI offers two types of scholarships for students through the AHBAI Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation.

Beauty school students can earn a cosmetology scholarship from the AHBAI Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation. Scholarships will be awarded in $250 and $500 amounts for a total of $5,000 awarded.

College-bound students can also apply for AHBAI's a college-bound scholarship from the Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation. Scholarships will be awarded in the amounts of $250 and $500. Winners will be selected based on their academic achievement, school activities and extracurricular activities.

In 1991 AHBAI established the Fred Luster, Sr. Education foundation in honor of the late Fred Luster, Sr. who was a founding board member of AHBAI and founder of the Chicago-based Luster Products, Inc. To date, the foundation has awarded nearly $500,000 in scholarships.

Sport Clips Scholarship

Multiple $1,000 Scholarships Deadline January 31, 2012
Scholarship Program, up to 25 Cosmetology Students who are attending AACS member schools will each be awarded a $1,000 scholarship provided by Sport Clips. A selection committee comprised of Sport Clips Area Developers, Team Leaders and SCI Support Team Members will review all eligible applications. There is no limit to the number of applicants from a member school but there will be a limit of one scholarship recipient chosen from an individual school per year for this program.

Farouk Systems USA/AACS Cosmetology Scholarship
Deadline August 31, 2011
Six cosmetology students attending AACS member schools will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship provided by Farouk Systems USA. These incentive scholarships will be announced during the AACS Annual Convention & Expo November 4th-8th 2011 in Phoenix
, Arizona
. The students receiving these scholarships and their schools will be notified prior November 4, 2011. Application


CND Scholarship - One $500 Scholarship
Deadline January 31, 2011
Through the ACE (Access to Cosmetology Education) Scholarship Program, one deserving Student who is attending an AACS member school and is enrolled in a Nail only program, will be awarded a $500 scholarship provided by CND.

Dream Shears/Trade Essentials Scholarship

Ten (15) $500 Scholarships

Ten Cosmetology Students who are attending AACS member schools will each be awarded a $500 scholarship provided by Dream Shears and Trade Essentials. The deadline to submit applications is January 31, 2012.

Aurie J. Gosnell Scholarship - Four (4) $1,250 Scholarships
This award is given annually in memory of Aurie J. Gosnell. Cosmetology student applicants wishing to apply for the Aurie J. Gosnell Scholarship may apply between 3/1/2011 and 6/1/2011. For more information on how to apply and to get an application form, go to the NIC website at www.nictesting.org


Professional Beauty Association | National Cosmetology Association | Sally Beauty Supply - Seven (7) $1000 Scholarships
Through the PBA | NCA (Professional Beauty Association | National Cosmetology Association) and Sally Beauty Supply, seven high school graduates will be awarded $1,000 scholarship.  Students must be enrolled in cosmetology school in 2012 to qualify.  The deadline to apply is November 15, 2011.  Application

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts Makeup Scholarship

Westmore Academy and AACS have partnered to offer a post-graduate, advanced career education Tuition Assistance Scholarship
Post graduate Cosmetology and Aesthetician students who demonstrate excellent performance in school, dream of becoming a makeup artist, have a focus on furthering their career and possess excellent people skills are eligible to receive the first annual Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts Makeup Scholarship.

There are six $1100.00 scholarships for the 6 week Master Makeup Course which is designed for the world of High Fashion, Commercial Photography, Haute Couture and Avant-Garde Makeup. It gives your Graduates the Competitive Edge as well as networking skills.
There are six $1300.00 scholarships for the 12 week Makeup for Motion Pictures & Television Beauty, Character & Effects Course. This course covers script breakdown, Character development through makeup for Television and Motion Pictures. In this course, students learn everything from developing a bruise to creating a cadaver. This course also includes Makeup for Beauty, Fashion & Glamour as well as Commercial Photography.
• These scholarships will be awarded six times per year.
• There will only be no more than one winning candidate per AACS participating

• The intent of  these tuition assistance scholarships is to assist graduates who dream of becoming Makeup Artists and have excellent interpersonal skills the opportunity to further their Post Graduate Education. Application

OPI Scholarships

Six (6) $500 Scholarships

As part of OPI’s ongoing scholarship program, six students attending AACS member schools will each be awarded a $500.00 scholarship from OPI through the Schaeffer Family Foundation. Students must be enrolled in a cosmetology related program at an AACS member school to qualify. Winners will be selected based on an essay and one industry recommendation.

Pat Goins Memorial Scholarship

Multiple $1,000 Scholarships

Through the Pat Goins Memorial Scholarship Program, 3 worthy Cosmetology Students who are attending AACS member schools were chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship provided by AACS through its Pat Goins Memorial Scholarship Fund.

A selection committee, comprised of AACS Board and Committee Members, reviewed all eligible applications and announced their selections on July 20th at the 2008 CEA Convention in Orlando, FL. The scholarship will be applied toward tuition and education expenses owed to the school. The check will be made payable to the school on behalf of the student. The scholarship recipient’s name may be used in marketing and promotional pieces as well as use on the web.


Other Scholarship Applications

Alice Madden Barton Cosmetology School Scholarship Program, sponsored by Great Clips

"Education Rocks" Annual Scholarship

NCEA Esthetician Scholarship

The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship



ACE Grant Application



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