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It truly bothers me when I hear clients and potential clients talking to each other about a particular stylist and referring to them as “scissor happy.” I have found by working in non-ethnic salons in the past that those clients aren’t usually apprehensive to get a trim. On the other hand, my ethnic clients are more apprehensive about getting a trim even though many times we are the ones that need a trim because of the fact that we have more chemical damage (relaxers, high lift color, etc.) and not enough mane maintenance.

You wouldn’t need a trim as much if you came in for a conditioning treatment or didn’t wear that wig everyday. You must have a stylist that actually applies your hair extensions correctly and removes them correctly instead of snatching a bonded extension off of your scalp and/or hair shaft. Must I mention the damage from over processing relaxers, overlapping the relaxer to already chemically processed hair, causing what, breakage? Now here you come with this horribly damaged, ends almost split to the root, extra dry brittle, uneven patchy mess and you have the nerve to call your stylist scissor happy because they suggest a hair cut instead of an end trim? You don’t have a few ends that merely need a trim; you have a severely over processed head of hair. You need a cut and a series of conditioning treatments from a licensed professional who has invested the time and money into obtaining the knowledge that is required to deal with all hair types from round celled to flat or in layman’s terms, straight to excessively curly hair. Did you know that even if your hair is natural, you still need to have your ends trimmed? The types of maintenance products you are using on your mane are very important. If they are the incorrect ones for daily use such as, a clarifying shampoo or neutralizing shampoo, they will dry the hair out and cause it to be brittle and broken and you will need a hair trim. Does your hair stylist go over hair maintenance with you? Do you call them when you are at the local beauty supply store? Do they tell you the difference between the products and do they work within the budget that you’re working with or make you buy a $20 bottle of shampoo making you unable to afford the conditioner that works with that product? No, I am not a scissor happy stylist. I am a well education stylist and because I am an educated licensed professional who is ever learning at the right venues for my profession I count it highly disrespectful to call a stylist scissor happy, when in fact 9 times out of 10, they are trying their best to give you a service that is well overdo.

I am Ms. Wallace

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Я потряс головой, пытаясь восстановить зрение.

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Схватив "блютус на комп скачать"Флик за руку, "скачать мультфильм корпорация монстров"Билл побежал наискосок, к кустам, сулившим "скачать доброе утро елка"временное пристанище.

Я схватился дрожащей "скачать фильм с депозита"рукой за каминную "скачать трейлеры full hd"полку, иначе бы упал.

И этот "песни манго манго скачать"негодяй будет "китайско марио скачать"жестоко наказан.

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Подумав, я пришел к убеждению, что он даже не посоветовался с ней.

Вспышка молнии за окном осветила на "симуляторы игровых автоматов скачать бесплатно" мгновение наши лица.

Члены комиссии резко разошлись во мнениях "Учет нематериальных активов" о Швейке.

Я почувствовал, что мой рассказ произвел на него глубокое впечатление.

все еще недоумевая, повторил матрос.

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ScissorHappyStylist said:

It's a trend now to have very long natural hair that doesn't have any layers. Why? It's very difficult to do. To wait that long. It's luxurious in that not everyone has long, natural hair. It's easy to go get your hair cut, and everyone does…but it's really difficult and more impressive to have it long and natural. It's precious. I think more stylist will succeed if they understood this new, healthier trend.

Also, layers is the worst thing you could ever do to long hair. The absolute worst.
December 19, 2010
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sneakers said:

Great post,I so much love this post. I will keep it and share it whit my friends .I men gucci shoe think thay will like it .thank you so much for uploading it.Your blog is so informative keep up the good work!!!!
December 19, 2010 | url
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