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New Style Book Collects the Best Work of Intercoiffure America/Canada’s Salons

“ICA salons understand refinement. Refinement requires a greater sophistication on behalf of the professional." --Richard Calcasola, ICA member since 1970

NEW YORK:To be an Intercoiffure salon is to be a home to extraordinarily creative professionals who consider themselves artists as much as hairdressers, the best of the best in beauty. If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is, now you can find out.
With Fashion Director Vivienne Mackinder and President Lois Christie serving as editors, Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA) has published a stunning “coffee table” book of the best work of ICA’s member salons. Published in March 2011, the models in this limited edition run the gamut from the elegant couture dreams of Vivienne Mackinder to the sensual tropical heat of Oribe’s designs.
This is not simply a book of avant-garde styles, although of course such styles are present. Instead, it collects the best salon design work on the planet—styles that will inspire you to add extra dimensions to your own work.
“Of course ICA members do runway and platform work,” comments President Lois Christie, herself a well-known colorist and owner of Christie & Co. Salon & Spa in Bayside, New York. “But what you see in this book is design work that’s been shaped by years of working with clients.”
Says Richard Calcasola, former ICA Fashion Director and owner of Maximus Spas & Salons in New York: “ICA salons understand refinement. Refinement requires a greater sophistication on behalf of the professional—Being better informed, being very familiar with healthy, quality hair care products, and knowing the difference between style and fashion and how to personalize all phases of your work to meet the client’s needs. “
You’ll find the current stylings from Calcasola and fellow former Fashion Director Scott Cole in this book, along with top salons such as Nöelle Spa for Beauty & Wellness, PR at Partners Salons & Spas, Adam Broderick Salon & Spa, Visible Changes, Elon Salon, Dop Dop Salon and Scott J Salon & Spa. Ann Bray, Nick Arrojo, Gina Khan, Damien Carney: The honor roll goes on and on.
The Intercoiffure America/Canada book is available through www.intercoiffure.com for $45 a copy ($35 ICA members). Or call 800.442.3007 for more information.
About Intercoiffure America/Canada
Intercoiffure America/Canada is an association of more than 250 salon owners employing more than 27,500 employees. In addition to their economic clout—the annual sales volume for an Intercoiffure member ranges from $1.5 million to $85 million--Intercoiffure members set the creative and quality standards for the industry.

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