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InGlam Launches GEM MEDIA Professional MP3 Flat Iron

Turn up the heat and listen to today's hottest musical artists as you style clients with the GEM Media Onyx Ceramic Science Revolutionary Technology Digital 1" Hairstyling Iron with MP3 Player

Transform your salon and bring Billboard's Hot 100 into your station as you straighten, curl, flip, and wave your client's hair with the GEM Media Ceramic Digital 1" Hairstyling Iron with built in MP3 player by InGlam.


Holding up to 500 songs for a customizable playlist, this music centric iron not only brings hairstyling to life but features advanced ONYX Ceramic Technology for superior results. Effortlessly smooth strands and create a brilliant shine with the tool's Ceramic Floating and Beveled Plates which produce Negative Ions and Far Infra Red, sealing in vital moisture and repelling humidity for a static and frizz free finish. Plus, the GEM Media Ceramic Digital 1" Flat Iron reaches up to 420°F due to an advanced MCH Heating System which provides instant heat up with immediate heat recovery for a tool that finally remains at the constant temperature of your choice.

Product Description:

  • Built in High Quality MP3 Player plays with or without plug
  • 2GB Memory fits up to 500 songs
  • ONYX Ceramic plates produce Negative Ions and Far Infra Red to seal in vital moisture and repel humidity for unparalleled shine
  • Onyx Ceramic Heat helps eliminate static and reduce frizz
  • MCH Heating elements provide instant heat up with immediate heat recovery to maintain even temperature to 420°F
  • Squeeze Sensitive Floating Plates grips hair for even control on all hair textures
  • Anti Slip Grip and Beveled plates help control the hair for endless styling possibilities
  • 9ft Professional Swivel Cord and hang-up hook
  • 1 Year warranty
  • USB cable included to easily download and customize your music library

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