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Do you charge what you are worth? Are you sacrificing price for your services?

The one thing that people always try to do in the industry is find out what prices to charge. Many times, people will try to find out the current prices being charged around in their area and either match the price or try to drop the price a little. But by doing this, are we saying that our services are not worth the price that we demand?

Many who have been successful say that if you provide your customers with a cheap price, you will draw those type of clients. I am sure that this is not what anyone wants. Who wants a client to come in making all types of demands and expect to pay a cheap price versus beginning with what you are worth and gaining the clients who will not only pay top dollar, but will not expect the world if they are shopping from the '99 cent' menu when it comes to our services.

How do you determine your prices? Do you charge what you are worth?


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