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You’re done cutting and styling your client and it’s time to make your way up to the front counter to seal the deal with some retail. Oh, but wait. You’re retail area looks like a team of toddlers merchandised it; the space has absolutely no rhyme or reason and it’s beyond overwhelming for clients. To rectify the situation you need to invest in some dislay units and stop putting product on that rickety bookcase you got off Craigslist. “Everything must have its own space,” Beata Gola of Adam Broderick Salons and Spas. “We use acrylic trays and boxes so everything looks organized.” Choose attractive yet simple containers that don’t compete for attention with the actual product, she advises, and pay attention to dimension. “Put larger items or things that are higher than everything else in the middle,” she says, “then decrease the height of the display as you work your way to the sides.” Gola works with a visual merchandising team at the salon, but if you can’t afford that then consider contracting a display pro from a local boutique or gift store and pay her in services. Check out more visual merchandising tricks and tips

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That's What She Said!
Monday's “That’s What She Said” Moment
I was going to cosmetology school giving a pedicure to an elderly woman. Her toenails were super thick and so long, I wondered how I would clip them. I finally got the toenail wedged between the clippers and the WHOLE toenail popped off. She said "I am so happy that nail came off. Maybe when you clip the other big toe that will come off too". WHAT?!

Sherri Yager
Namaste' Salon
Fort Collins, CO
BTC Member Since 2007

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