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Farouk for Governor!

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Farouk for Governor!

It's official!  In front of a cheering crowd, amidst chants of "Yes we can!" (sound familiar?) Farouk Shami announced his official candidacy for governor of Texas.  He declared that he will bring his business smarts--running a $1 billion dollar company that's entirely free of debt and creating more than 1,000 new American jobs--to Austin.  If elected, he would be the first hairdresser to serve as a U.S. governor.

Surrounded by members of his family and flanked by some pretty impressive looking security, Farouk talked about arriving in this country with $71 in his pocket and taking the incredible journey that began in the salon and led to the creation and success of his company.  He discussed his agenda priorities—education, environment and ethics—which mirror his longstanding company mission statement.  He also pledged to govern independently—“I am a businessman,” he declared, “with no moneyed interests behind me.”

Now the campaign begins and Farouk will criss-cross the state of Texas in anticipation of the March primary, spreading his message to voters and reaching out for support.  “It’s time to step away from conventional thinking,” Farouk declares. “Our country is built on the individual, equal opportunity, liberty and love for each other.  That’s what I want to embody as governor!”
Stay tuned for updates from the Farouk for Governor Tour!

For more information please visit www.faroukforgovernor.com

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